• Continuously improve & maintain quality of cheese products
• Add value to Cheese products
• Spread market share and win confidence of existing / prospective customers
• Expand distribution network globally to provide world-class service
• Stock and supply variety of Cheese Products


• Become a preferred manufacturer / supplier of premium cheese products
• Improve Products & Service to International Standards to win Customer delight and beyond
• Become Preferred Employer by human resource development / excellence
• Promote Private Labeling as per customer needs
• Follow Food Safety and Standards as per FSSAI norms
• Improve response time to customers


Cooperation: CCB employees, customers, suppliers & communities are part of Group.

Corporate Social Responsibility: CCB family believes ethical approach in planning and resources and always remembers its corporate social responsibility to help in improving the atmosphere and quality of life of its surrounding for well-being and upliftment.

Integrity: CCB believes in principles of ethics, honesty and dedication. Constantly we live these standards in most transparent manner.

Responsiveness: CCB promptly respond to its stakeholders, customers to improve quality of product and service and do invite suggestions. Your feedback and criticism is taken positively for the growth of the company.